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  I was graduated from İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory with a dissertation titled "The Examination of the structure of Staging, Figuration, and Music of the Azerbaijani and Caucasian folk dances".

     I had produced and staged both dance and music performances from almost all regions of Turkey, whereby each region has its dances and characteristics. I fulfilled compulsory military service as a musician at the Turkish Armed Forces, Harmony Band Command Orchestra in 2003.

     Besides playing accordion and garmon at an advanced level, I have been playing several instruments amateurishly. Since 1993, I have been representing my country successfully in international festivals in several countries including but not limited to Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Japan, and Singapore.

     I have set up and/ or directed or accompanied several choirs, dance, and music companies. Currently, I work in a private institution and has a dual responsibility as the Coordinator of Performing Arts and Head of Music Department. Besides, being experienced in coordinating the production and staging of performing arts and music, I am a studio musician, and have been giving concerts as a professional garmon player and have been working on arranging ethnic music. 
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